The scientific focus area Mobilities, Identities and Territories mainly works on examining the connection between territories and identities in a situation of increasing mobility and complex individual experiences. The aims are: to understand the interaction between the individual and collective scales by creating a dialogue between those disciplines that favour analysis through individuals, and those that consider territory as an aggregate of individuals at meso or macro scale; to connect the different timescales of mobility, everyday spatial practices that shape living spaces, with the unfolding journeys of people’s existence; to explore the ways of building up a feeling of belonging (interference, dependence, allocation) to a territory in line with migratory histories, results of strategies and identity negotiations in their multiple dimensions (geographic, cultural, economic, social, etc.) and their levels of construction (individual, family, community); on the contrary, to apprehend the identity of a territory as the result of all of the representations that it projects and that in return feed into/construct collective identities; to envisage territories, taken on individually or collectively, as an accessible resource that is unequally mobilized by individuals, groups and institutions.